Crime Amounts To a Jail Sentence in Houston

Crime Amounts To a Jail Sentence in Houston

The criminal justice system is a revolving door and one of the main reasons why people are so often arrested in Houston is due to the scourge of illegal narcotics on society. dope cases and drug crimes in Houston

From production, through transport, and on to the streets are dangerous drugs like marijuana, cocaine, heroin, x-pills, crack, hashish, meth, meth amphetamines, PCP, and the law enforcement officers who arrest anyone found to be in possession of illegal drugs in Texas.

Criminal charges are not only limited to possession, but also to cases involving conspiracy allegations which are generally brought on by the federal government. People indicted of federal drug conspiracies only have to be proven to be involved in the crime. Meaning they could have never touched drugs and still aren’t out of the reach of federal prosecuting attorneys on government payroll.

Top Crimes Committed in Houston

Some of the most commonly committed criminal offenses in the Houston area are drug possession, robbery, theft, dwi, and auto theft. Normally, it can easily be found out that most of the theft & robbery related criminal charges can be attributed to drug use by the suspect, or the affect of drug use on the family from which the suspect was spawned.

Addictive drugs and abortion have had an enormously negative impact on the black community, and on the lives of poor people in metropolitan areas all over the United States. Some expect the federal government to help not realizing the federal government created the problem in the first place and continue to perpetuate it.

However, aside from criminal offenses inspired by the effects of illegal drugs, there are some bad people among us who will commit criminal offenses regardless of whether or not they are being driven by drug cravings or not.

Crime Will Rise in Houston, Texas, and America

Unfortunately, due to the importation of the 3rd world by the socialist democrats in control of America, one can only expect poverty, disease, drug use, and crime to go back on the increase in America as the powers-that-be continue to import new demoncratic voters and new Catholics to fill the pews of the increasingly empty seats in Roman Catholic churches all over America.Robbery and Assault

Then, there is the existing criminal element spurred on the prison culture leaking back onto to the streets due to the failure of the criminal justice system in America to employ techniques that serve to rehabilitate convicted criminals who are reentering society, rather than creating expert criminals. Where do you think sagging came from?

With globalist, and democrat policies in place, unemployment will continue to surge resulting in more and more crimes being committed in our cities, towns, and neighborhoods while the good people who can change it are seen as unelectable due to the new power of the racism moniker applied to anyone who disagrees with the socialist agenda.

Solutions To The Houston Crime Problem

Houston isn’t really a crime have, however, there are some parts of town in which you are highly likely to be a victim or a witness of a criminal offense. Houston neighborhoods like 2nd Ward, 5th Ward, and 3rd Ward have a criminal element, as well as most of the low income areas on the city’s north and east side.

Thankfully, Texans are protected by the 2nd Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, which in turn, tends to keep crime rates very low as opposed to the anti-Constitutional policies apparent in socialist strongholds like Chicago in which the people have been stripped of their right to keep and bear arms.

One solution to the crime problem would be more after school programs and the removal of the federal government from the public school system. Only then will we have a chance at raising our youth to moral standards.