Harris County Deputy Charged with Sexually Assaulting Woman

Harris County Deputy Charged with Sexually Assaulting Woman

A Harris County deputy has been charged with sexual assault after a complaint was filed by the victim. The defendant was charged after an investigation. He allegedly called the woman to his patrol car and sexually assaulted her.

What is Sexual Assault, and How is it Prosecuted?

Sexual Assault is usually charged as a second-degree felony. Texas law defines sexual assault as any non-consensual sexual contact which involves penetration or contact with the victim’s sexual organs, anus, or mouth. Someone can also be charged with Sexual Assault if he/she has sex with a mentally disabled person, unconscious, or the victim is incapable of understanding the situation or resisting the assault.

In addition, there are many Texas offenses that prohibit various kinds of sexual conduct between adults and minors. Not every type of sexual conduct involving children is covered in the Sexual Assault law. Indecency with a Child covers all sexual contact between minors (under 17) and adults. Another law called Sexual Performance by a Child prohibits getting a child (under 18) to participate in a sexual performance.

Sexual Assault is the Texas law that is closest to the meaning of “rape.” In Texas, there is no law defining the word “rape” or an offense called rape. Under Texas law, if you are accused of rape, you would most likely be charged with Sexual Assault or Aggravated Sexual Assault. The Sexual Assault offense does not require intercourse or penetration, but instead can include only sexual contact. Sexual Assault is by default a second-degree felony. This default punishment may be enhanced to a first-degree felony if the victim was a person whom the defendant was prohibited from marrying or related to the defendant.


If convicted, the punishment includes a prison sentence that ranges from 2-to-20 years, a fine of up to $10,000.00, and a lifetime sex offender registration requirement.

You need to contact a criminal defense attorney immediately if you are charged with sexual assault. There is a tremendous amount of evidence that could be lost if you do not take affirmative legal steps to save it. And this can sometimes be the difference between spending the rest of your life as an innocent person convicted of sexual assault in jail and being a falsely accused person who had an unfortunate brush with the law. Perhaps the most widely talked about consequence is the requirement to register as a sex offender. The Texas Sex Offender Registration Program requires adults and juveniles with “reportable convictions” to register with the local police department in the city or county in which they reside.

Accused of a Sex Crime in Houston?

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Link to story: https://abc13.com/hcso-deputy-charged-with-sexual-assault/6326446/