The Federal Prison System

How To Find an Inmate in the Federal Prison System

Unfortunately, people make mistakes from time to time and end up in trouble with the federal justice system.

Just because a person commits a federal crime doesn’t necessarily make them a bad person and certainly doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be able to get in touch with their loved ones.

To find a person who may be lock up in a federal prison, search the Federal Bureau of Prisons inmate database.The Federal Prison System

There are 5 ways to conduct a search for a federal inmate who was incarcerated from 1982 to present. The ways you can search for a federal inmate in the Federal Bureau of Prisons database are listed below.

  • BOP Register Number
  • DCDC Number
  • FBI Number
  • INS Number
  • Name

We sincerely hope the information provided will help you to find and contact any federal prison inmate you may be looking for.