Theft in Texas, By the Numbers

Theft in Texas, By the Numbers

Crime never goes away. As long as there are people there will be crime. It is just a fact of life. There is no reason to explain why people engage in crime. The point is that they simply break the law. In a city where there are millions of people at least one them will commit a homicide, one them will assault someone and at least one person will steal something that does not belong to them.

The various cities of Texas are loaded with lots of criminals that steal and take things that do not belong to them. At least 65,000 cars are stolen each year in the Lone Star State. Close to 70,000 vehicles are burglarized as well. Home invasions are a common occurrence in Texas and so are bank robberies. All of these illegal actions are just the different ways that people steal from one another within Texas.

A Look At A Few Theft Cases

On February 7, 2017; a man by the name of Jeffery Mullins was approached by 3 Hispanic men asking for directions. These men were looking for a particular street in downtown Dallas. While Mullins was giving the men directions, one of them suddenly grabbed the victim from behind while the other two men punched him in the face.

Mullins was stunned by the attack. He had no clue that he was being set up to be robbed. The assailants got away with $300 in cash, his credit and debit cards and his personal information. This is just another horrible story about how people steal and take from each other without remorse.

Strong armed robbery happens more often than we think. The police and newspapers constantly report various robberies that are headline making news. However, there are many more incidents of theft and robbery that does not get reported at all.

On May 8, 2017; 76-year-old Julie Haggerty was leaving Mid Am Credit Union in her hometown. After she exited this financial institution she was approached by two males. One suspect was a white man and the other was black. Both men were in their early twenties and had a tall build. The black male was carrying a firearm that he kept hidden under his shirt.

The white male told Miss Haggerty that his friend had a gun. That’s when the black male lifted his shirt to reveal his firearm to the victim. The white male then told Mrs. Haggerty that she would have to give them all of her money or that his friend would shoot her in the face. Mrs. Haggerty feared for her life and gave the thugs what they wanted and they fled away. The two men have been identified on the bank’s security camera. Police are now looking for the suspects.

This situation is a dreadful one because an older lady was robbed by two young males. A Texas attorney who was viewing this case stated that the young men had committed a heinous criminal act. This is because they used a firearm in the process of robbing this old lady. Even if they never pulled out the weapon, the fact is that they made a valid threat while showing the gun underneath the man’s shirt. These two criminals are definitely looking at some serious jail time.

The streets of Texas can be a dangerous place. There are criminals lurking in the shadows. Watching and waiting for the opportune time to strike. They want to rob their victims of their hard-earned cash and take their valuable possessions. Texas residents must be vigilant and mindful of their surroundings. No one wants to see them victimized by common street criminals.